Karen Hill will help you get fit and stay healthy!

About Me

My aim is to help you get into shape to enjoy your life. I believe that anyone can improve their health, manage their weight and fulfil their potential with a regular program of exercise and good nutrition.


I provide classes for people new to exercise and those looking to increase their fitness levels, so whoever you are, if you are ready to start or take it to the next level, then get in touch or drop in and try one of my classes.  Whatever your personal fitness goals I will work with you to help you attain them and hopefully a lot more, including improved well being, confidence and self respect.

Phone, text or e-mail me anytime to discuss your goals and learn more about the classes that I teach.  You can contact me here.

My Qualifications
I am a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor through Future Fit Training covering Weight Management, Kettlebells, Circuits and Core Strength and I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.  In addition I am a registered Boxercise Instructor.

I run the following courses in the Exeter area:-


 - MOTIVATE - an 8 Week Combined Weight Management and Exercise Course 
 - BOXERCISE - this cardiovascular and fully body workout is great fun
 - RETURN TO FITNESS - an 8 week course for those who are new to fitness or have not exercised for some time

 - SLIPPER CAMP - a 10 week course - but do not be misled 'leave your slippers at the door' for this fast paced class  
                                 which is sure to set you up for the day
 - CORE STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY CLASS - a 10 week course specifically designed to improve those areas
 - CIRCUITS - an 8 week class designed for you to see an improvement in your fitness levels
 - BODYWEIGHT CLASS - a 10 week course focussed on body weight exercises
 - NEW DEMAND CLASS (Dynamic, Enjoyable, Motivational and Never Dull) Saturdays at 8.45am

In addition I offer personal training, online dietary analysis and run 'Boxercise Events' in the Exeter area.

I work with people who are:-

Completely new to exercise or returning to exercise after an extended period of time and find their flexibility and muscle strength have deteriorated through lack of exercise.  I also help people who are seeking to manage their weight with good nutrition combined with an exercise programme in a positive and fun environment.

I teach at various locations in Exeter please see Fitness Classes page for details.

Whilst I teach in a group environment I am happy to work with you toward the attainment of your personal goals.

| 07402 189108